Joint Sealing

Versaflex Polyurea Joint Sealing and Filler for Concrete Crack Repair

Precision also offers sealing joints and cracks in concrete to prevent further soil erosion below the concrete slabs. One of the reasons concrete raises and settles in the winter months is oversaturation of the soil under the concrete. We use a variety of products based on the clients budget.

Concrete Repair Products We Offer:

      • polyurethane sealants
      • single component sealants
      • various brands of self-leveling sealants.
      • Versaflex polyurea joint filler

How To Ensure A Successful Concrete Repair Job 

The success of the job is directly related to the preparation of the substrate. The concrete needs to be clean and free of dirt and debris. Depending on the product used the joints and cracks will require either an open cell or closed cell foam backer rod. We tape off both sides of the concrete joint or crack for a clean application. Our joint sealant products have a dry to the touch in 90 seconds and fully cured within the hour. Some of our products have a tack-free time of one hour and fully cured in 24 hrs.

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three pictures of concrete cracks and joints needing sealed
Eroding joints, spalling, and diminishing filler

One important way to extend the life of your concrete is to seal the control joints and cracks properly.  The purpose of sealing is to prevent dirt, water, and ice from getting into the joints and under the cement.  

before and after of properly sealed drivway joint
Open driveway joint vs.  properly sealed joint

Keeping your joints watertight prevents moisture from seeping into the subbase.  Water under the concrete will cause heaving or sinking, resulting in uneven sidewalks or driveways.  When this occurs, it can create safety and aesthetic concerns and the only way to remedy this is to have the concrete lifted and leveled or completely replaced.  

Step slab broken and uneven
Uneven step slab due to burrowing animal

To prevent unnecessary concrete movement, we recommend sealing with a high quality two component polyurea.  We only use VersaFlex Self Leveling Joint Sealing products.  These products bond to concrete, making it impermeable to water or other elements, while being able to handle the expansion and contraction that occurs with all concrete.

Picture collage with old expansion joint filler shown and new polyurea sealed
Expansion joint filler removed and replaced

Unprotected joints can also lead to spalling, which is when little pieces of concrete start to break off, leading to unsightly damage.  We can help slow down or stop the spalling before it takes over your whole driveway, leading to very costly replacement.  

Before and after pictures with properly sealed and repaired spalling
Before and After Joint Seal with Spalling Repair

A few applications where joint sealing is recommended:

• Driveways
• Bridge Decks
• Roofing
• Sidewalks
• Balcony Decks
• Industrial facilities
• Water and waste water treatment

Three pictures of properly sealed cracks
Properly sealed cracks and spalling

This is a link to testimony about how the Versaflex SL/60 products were chosen and used in New York City.  

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