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Save Energy with Precision 

Saving energy on your home is money in the bank! The most effective way to save energy is simply spray foam in the attic space, walls and basements and rim joists. The benefits of spray foam far out weigh the up front cost. Sure the up front cost will be more, yet the money saved through the utility bills will more than pay for itself. Spray foam protects the home from unwanted drafts, allergens mold and dust.

Doesn’t the house need to breath? A home encapsulated with spray foam also utilizes an energy recovery ventilation system (ERV). The ERV controls the amount of air being brought into the home the upmost efficiency. An air exchange per hour (ACH) is the volume of air inside the house being replaced with the same volume of air outside of the house. Air exchanges per hour are controlled by the ERV. New building codes for energy efficient new homes are required to be 4 ACH or less. With spray foam insulation, less than 1ACH can be achieved and has been achieved frequently.

Our process is simple. For attic spaces, we simply vacuum out the existing fiberglass and proceed to spray foam the attic space. Old fiber glass in the attic is perfect home for unwanted pests, mice, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, opossums, rats, bats and insects. Removing the old fiberglass is required. Spray foam will be applied to the bottom side of the roof, or on the attic floor. If the duct work for the HAVC system is also in the attic space, it is highly recommended that the duct work also be sprayed. Two inches of closed cell foam will mitigate 94% energy loss, and three inches will stop 97% energy loss.

Unfinished basement space also contributes to high energy loss and higher energy bills. Spraying the basement walls and the rim joist around the basement foundation will keep living space in the basement very efficient in the winter months.  

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